This is the solution that is suitable for items for which the destruction of the clothing is not critical to your business plan. These items will enter the export clothing stream, for shipment primarily to Africa. All usable clothing will be exported for reuse. Damaged clothing will be extracted and will enter either the wiping rag or shredding stream or both. You may choose to have some or all of your textile items processed this way. You also will be paid on a per pound basis for the items exported as clothing, depending on the quantity received.

This is only suitable for high cotton content clothing where destruction is important for your brand integrity. The garments are rendered completely unwearable in this process and are hand cut in our plant into a suitable size for reuse as wiping rags.

The solution for items that you want rendered completely unwearable and unrecognizable. The garments are shredded, baled and shipped to mills to be spun into yarn.